The CIA & 9/11 Part I: A Meeting in Malaysia

The Question of “Failures”- Deliberate or Incompetence?

Perhaps the most comprehensible problem is the scope of the CIA’s failings. There was not one error by some lowly neophyte, but a massive string of failures. As Tom Wilshire, one of the key CIA officials involved in the withholding of the information commented to the Congressional Inquiry, “[E]very place that something could have gone wrong in this over a year and a half, it went wrong. All the processes that had been put in place, all the safeguards, everything else, they failed at every possible opportunity. Nothing went right.”


The NSA & 9/11: Failure to Exploit the US-Yemen Hub & Beyond

Kevin Fenton, Boiling Frogs Post: The NSA & 9/11: Failure to Exploit the US-Yemen Hub & Beyond

The NSA failed to pass on information about the hijackers, perhaps deliberately to aid CIA machinations, and has not even stated publicly whether and how it investigated this failure, let alone what the conclusions of such inquiry might be. Nevertheless, with remarkable speed it used its failure as a justification for massive new powers. This is just one of the legacies of 9/11.