Audio Documentary from Secrecy Kills: Who is Rich Blee?

Here it is. The long anticipated, and shortly delayed release of «Who Is Rich Blee?» Part I. This is the full investigation that includes the Richard Clarke interview that made so many headlines recently. People like Tom Kean, Tony Shaffer, Dale Watson, Bob Baer, and others are all interviewed. Please spread this far and wide. Thank you to Ray and John for putting this together.



The Boiling Frogs Presents Ray Nowosielski & John Duffy

The Boiling Frogs Presents Ray Nowosielski & John Duffy

Filmmakers Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy join us to discuss their extensive research, interviews and findings which have resulted in the unmasking of three former top CIA officials- George Tenet, Cofer Black and Richard Blee- and their role in withholding intelligence on two key 9/11 hijackers and subsequent cover-ups. Duffy and Nowosielski provide us with a detailed account of their new interview with former counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke and his allegations against the CIA officials- Tenet, Black and Blee – accusing them of knowingly withholding intelligence from the White House, the FBI, Immigration and the State and Defense Departments. They discuss two key CIA analysts who were instrumental in this cover up, a joint statement issued by the three accused CIA officials in response to Clarke’s allegations, and more!



DoD Covered Up Intelligence Unit’s Work Tracking Terrorists

Jeffrey Kaye and Jason Leopold: DoD Covered Up Intelligence Unit’s Work Tracking Terrorists

Senior Pentagon officials scrubbed key details about a top-secret military intelligence unit’s efforts in tracking Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda from official reports they prepared for a Congressional committee probing the 9/11 terrorist attacks, new documents reveal.

The CIA & 9/11 Part I: A Meeting in Malaysia

The Question of “Failures”- Deliberate or Incompetence?

Perhaps the most comprehensible problem is the scope of the CIA’s failings. There was not one error by some lowly neophyte, but a massive string of failures. As Tom Wilshire, one of the key CIA officials involved in the withholding of the information commented to the Congressional Inquiry, “[E]very place that something could have gone wrong in this over a year and a half, it went wrong. All the processes that had been put in place, all the safeguards, everything else, they failed at every possible opportunity. Nothing went right.”

Libyske opprørere benekter bånd til al-Qaida

VG Nett: Libyske opprørere benekter bånd til al-Qaida

– Vi var på samme sted, på samme tid som al-Qaida. Det var i Afghanistan, der vi noen ganger kjempet side ved side, med mål om å frigjøre landet. Men vi var aldri underordnet al-Qaida, sier Belhadj til Le Monde.


Pepe Escobar / Asia Times: How al-Qaeda got to rule in Tripoli

He’s the founder of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and its de facto emir – with Khaled Chrif and Sami Saadi as his deputies. After the Taliban took power in Kabul in 1996, the LIFG kept two training camps in Afghanistan; one of them, 30 kilometers north of Kabul – run by Abu Yahya – was strictly for al-Qaeda-linked jihadis.

After 9/11, Belhaj moved to Pakistan and also to Iraq, where he befriended none other than ultra-nasty Abu Musab al-Zarqawi – all this before al-Qaeda in Iraq pledged its allegiance to Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri and turbo-charged its gruesome practices.

Who–and What–Are Behind the “Official History” of the Bin Laden Raid?

Russ Baker: Who–and What–Are Behind the “Official History” of the Bin Laden Raid?

Article Summary: When you look closely, nothing seems right about what will surely become the accepted account of the raid that nailed America’s enemy number one. And then things get even weirder…

MSM under lupen: Er det ikke rart?

For kort tid tilbake fantes disse sakene på VG Netts forside.

I går framkom det at tidligere «Antiterror-tsar» Richard Clarke beskylder forhenværende CIA-sjef George Tenet, samt Cofer Black og Rich Blee, for blant annet 9/11-cover-up.

Gitt Clarkes bakgrunn skulle man tro hans uttalelser fikk like mye spalteplass som en ikkeverifiserbar og død bin Laden. Men nei, så langt har ingen i norske MSM dekket dette på sine nettsider.

(Selv ikke 9/11 Truth Norway ( har – imellom zionistteorier og sprengstoffdogmer – funnet plass til denne saken. Foruten overskrifts-pingen fra 9/11 Blogger, da. Selvfølgelig.

Washington Post på den annen side … I bloggseksjonen.)

Dette er ikke noe enestående eksempel. MSM har de siste ti år levert mengder av ufordøyd og ensidig US-propaganda til norske nyhetsmottakere.

Propaganda utgjør en viktig komponent i terrorkrigen. Skal befolkningen holdes kampvillige et helt tiår – og mer til – bør man slenge ut noen rå biffer nå og da.

Bare man ikke avslører biffenes hemmeligheter. Folk vil ikke vite hvor maten kommer fra, vettu.

Og MSM vil sannsynligvis ikke fortelle dem det.

Er det ikke rart?