Bob Graham Wants 9/11 Inquiry Reopened

wusf: Bob Graham Wants 9/11 Inquiry Reopened

«It tends to reaffirm the fundamental theory that the 19 hijackers were not acting alone,» says Graham. «That they could have only completed such a complicated assignment as planning, practicing and executing a very sophisticated plot if they had assistance from people who spoke the English language, who were familiar with the culture of the United States and to provide them with protection, anonymity and support.»


3 Responses to Bob Graham Wants 9/11 Inquiry Reopened

  1. Anders says:

    «Daniel Hopsicker has long claimed that the hijackers were seen in Sarasota and Venice by a number of eyewitnesses in the weeks before the attacks, when they were supposed to have moved to the Miami area months before that. Looks like he was right.» — Jon Gold

  2. Anders says:

    Mystery surrounds the ritzy Florida home linked to 9/11 terrorists – and why the FBI didn’t tell Congressional committee about it–FBI-failed-report-it.html#ixzz1XUZYrQnF

    FBI investigated another Sarasota link to 9/11

    FBI’s 9/11 Sarasota Probe Never Reported to Congress –
    Probe Into Saudis Was Never Mentioned in 9/11 Commission Report

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