A Foot In The Door

Jon Gold, 9/11 Truth News: A Foot In The Door

I can’t speak for the rest of you. I can only speak for myself. For almost 9 years now, I have done my very best to tell the next person about the lies of 9/11. To try and get the media to cover certain issues pertaining to 9/11, and to try and bring justice to the families that lost someone that day, and to the people of the world. Because as I’ve said several times, we were all attacked that day.

Almost every waking minute, I try and think about how to get a “foot in the door,” as far as getting the debate about 9/11 back on the table, so we can finally find out what happened that day and who was ultimately responsible. I’ve written article after article, created movie after movie, contacted journalist after journalist in the hopes of finally breaking through the wall that has been put up around the myth of 9/11. In one way or another, that is basically what everyone who advocates for this cause tries to do.

There have been some minor successes. The release of 9/11: Press For Truth gave those who advocate for this cause an extremely powerful tool to reach the masses. Unfortunately, the “media” in this country almost entirely ignored it. As far as I know though, every movie critic that saw it, gave it a good review. That is a major accomplishment for a cause that is shunned by most. Most polls that have been taken over the years show that a majority of people are concerned about this issue. That shows that people, even if they aren’t active, care.

This is such an important cause, and despite all our efforts, we have not managed to bring it the attention that it deserves. We haven’t gotten a “foot in the door,” so that the national media covers it. Not once or twice, but multiple times, so everyone knows what’s going on. Much like the media covers things like the Prince’s wedding and Amy Winehouse’s death.

This Thursday in Colorado, CPT12 is going to show 9/11: Press For Truth. They are also going to have Director Ray Nowosielski, Co-creator John Duffy, and the creator of the 9/11 Timeline, Paul Thompson, on to discuss the film. During this showing, Ray and John are going to reveal something explosive that they have been working on. When I say “explosive,” I mean it. I believe that it might finally be that “foot in the door.” I believe that it will be something the media will have a hard time ignoring.

In the past, when important information has come out, some advocates for this cause have shunned those pushing it because it didn’t coincide with what they think happened that day. As a result, nothing happened. That can’t happen this time. This time, if we want to finally get that “foot in the door,” we have to make the most of what’s being presented.

When this “explosive” news is released, please do everything you can to make sure your local and national media are aware of it. Please do everything you can to make sure that everyone you know is aware of it. Basically, please do everything you can.

Please don’t waste this opportunity for justice and accountability. Please do your best to finally get that “foot in the door” for this extremely important cause. Please, and thank you for your time.


2 Responses to A Foot In The Door

  1. Anders says:

    Jeg blir en smule skeptisk når folk ytrer ting i denne retning:

    That can’t happen this time. This time, if we want to finally get that “foot in the door,” we have to make the most of what’s being presented.

    … men Jon Gold har så langt vært en ansvarlig aktivist.

    Dette kan være positivt. Og interessant.

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