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Sibel Edmonds, Boiling Frogs Post: Being Proud of What We Are Not

9/11 & Many Unanswered Questions : Again, many of our readers know how the powers have successfully turned this topic into a taboo equal (or more extreme!) than Ebola. Simply put, the motto on this issue has become: ‘Thou shall not mention 9/11 unless it is to advocate for bigger government and lesser liberties via fear mongering.’ All truth seekers, all critical thinkers, anyone who dares to point out major discrepancies has been placed in one bucket tagged as nut cases. Are there some really ‘way out there’ people with more ‘way out there’ theories on this major world-changing issue? You bet! I wish you could read some of the most absurd letters and e-mails I’ve received from people in this category. On the other hand, to place activist 9/11 family members who have been pushing for real investigations and answers, all the former and current government intelligence & law enforcement experts and witnesses who have raised their legitimate flags, all rational people who haven’t given up their critical thinking thus have been seeking ‘real’ answers … all in that same bucket? Well, as far as conspiracies go, that will make it to the top of the list: successfully implemented propaganda by the powers.

I have had e-mails and calls from well-known and well-respected people who criticize and warn me every time I write a piece, raise a question, or make a comment on this topic. They say: ‘you don’t want to marginalize yourself by touching this issue, Sibel.’ They say: ‘I am sorry I cannot grant an interview because you are known to be associated with the 9/11 issue.’ They ask: ‘Why do you risk your reputation and reduce the chances of having a successful site by touching this issue?!’

This website is not about 9/11 but many of the issues covered here are directly or indirectly relevant to what happened on September 11, 2001. How could they not be?! The event triggering senseless wars, the PATRIOT ACT, Illegal Eavesdropping, Imperialism via Expansion of Bases, the persecution (and prosecution!) of whistleblowers, Warrantless Body Searches & Groping … is the beginning, the core and the center of many issues we’ve been facing; not only here in the US but everywhere in the world. Period! This site is not a platform for every 9/11 activist out there, but then again, this site does not shy away from tackling and covering the issue when it is related or relevant. Again, period!

Boiling Frogs Post is an online news, editorial, analysis, and Podcast interview site covering select but significant blacked out stories and issues, while defying blinded partisanship. Each one of our partner investigative journalists brings 20+ years of investigative journalism experience in reporting controversial and daring topics.


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