Pentagon/Flight 77: Sofistikert psykologisk operasjon, eller fantastisk tryllekunst?

. . . Intelligence agencies have had decades of experience doing duping and manipulating people, and countless unwitting suspects to experiment on using everything imaginable. That’s a lot of data with which to keep a cover-up alive and well.

My guess — and not just mine — is that much of the Pentagon scam functions in these ways:

1) to distract from the powerful and provable evidences so activists and researchers will fight, instead of publish and document.

2) to excite people into believing a «magic show» went on and «everyone was fooled» into bizarre states of mind where no one notices jetliners flying over their heads, no one can identify one plane (even as they can identify the next one perfectly) etc. This also makes the Pentagon and it’s workers seem invincible and capable of any feat. And pretty soon we have «PentaCon» where all the items on the lawn and in the path were «fake» and «planted» and everyone was essentially «hypnotized.» This is the nonsense stuff they want us to spread all over the internet to tank us as credible people.

3) to lure people into promoting the idea that AA77 didn’t hit to keep us sidelined to the DC families, to local DC activists, etc., the people who *saw* the plane or know someone who did.

4) to create a honeypot to easily blow us out of the water when it becomes necessary with one fell swoop — just play the video of AA77 hitting the Pentagon all over the news stations over and over and over, and combine it with clips of notable members claiming a plane never could have hit there. . . .


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