«Jersey Girl» Patty Casazza & Bob McIlvaine: Alvorlige 9/11-spørsmål, Kean-kommisjonen, Sibel Edmonds og litt til…

    «Jersey Girl» Patty Casazza og Bob McIlvaine (Varighet ca. 23 min.)

Transkript av Jon Gold:

Patty Casazza: Hi, I’m Patty… (19 second standing ovation)… believe me if it wasn’t for our friend Jon Gold here, and so many other citizen activists, I’m sure the 9/11 movement would have died a long time ago. Um, partly the reason for that is is that, every time we look at the information on 9/11, we die a little. And, I speak from that from personal experience. This is not an easy thing, um, I wish I could do more with the movement myself, but it pains me greatly… Uh, to know that it’s 6 plus years, and we still don’t have a true investigation into 9/11. Uh, we worked hard to form the Commission, it took us 18 months of fighting, um, basically weekly, daily on the phone, writing emails, sending out letters, doing press, um, conferences, all of which I’d never did before in my life.

Um, I was in nursing school when 9/11 occurred, and um… we brought with us to Washington, to your Representatives empirical evidence showing that 9/11 shouldn’t have happened for a number of reasons, um… Basically, from the outset, the planes… they didn’t follow protocol. There should have, uh… planes sent to accompany the commercial airlines once transponder, which is the identification the FAA uses to track planes…. Once that went off, that’s, in itself, reason enough for fighter jets to be sent up into the air, and it’s not on.. they’re not… their purpose isn’t necessarily shoot down an errant plane, that’s the last resort, but they do have the means to… um… they’re supposed to go on the side of a plane, rock their wings, that’s an indicator that the pilot should turn some type of communication on with these fighter jets, let them know that every thing’s ok onboard, that… that… ya know, there isn’t a hijacking, or a pilot hasn’t, ya know, gotten sick. Um… All of those things can happen without you shooting down a plane, and those jet fighters could rock their wings, they can actually knock, if there were hijackers actually flying those planes, they could have knocked those people, um… off their feet. So, there were many measures that could have been taken, and should have been taken, and those were written in protocols, and were not followed on 9/11. And that’s with FOUR commercial jet airliners having been hijacked. I ask you how is that possible? We spend more money in military than more than half the countries totaled in the world. And again, we couldn’t get one plane up in time to accompany those four planes that were wildly off course.

Uh.. So, that’s just one instance, and we brought those things to Washington, and we actually had Congressmen and Senators say, «Well, that’s all very well and good, but, ya know… what is the President saying?» What do you mean what is the President saying? We’re asking for an investigation based upon empirical evidence. To my way of thinking, that’s all you needed… I’m a citizen, I’m bringing forth information, it’s right or wrong, and I’m expecting that my Representatives are going to do something about this. Nothing happened. Nothing happened. Nothing happened until we went to the press. Until we made ourselves these annoying little gnats that wouldn’t go away. Um… the Pan Am 103 families were the ones who forced us to do a rally. They said, «you’re not getting listened to, if you don’t get a rally going, nothing’s going to happen. You’re going to go away. 9/11’s, ya know, going to be a non-issue in a few months.» So, we went to Home Depot and started um… cutting up wood ourselves, figuring out, ya know (holding up her arms as if holding a sign), «How high does a piece of wood have to be for people to hold it up and be seen?» And, we got buses… I don’t know how any of this transpired, but we did it. Cause we did… we didn’t know what we were doing, but we called around, and we got it done, we got over 2, probably like 300 families down in D.C. to come with us, and after that, it was something, that the Government apparently could not overlook our efforts, and… As I said, it took us 18 months to get the Commission… then the Commission was installed. And, it was not with people that we would have chosen. We wanted academics. We wanted ,ya know, people in professions, like, Dr. Gage, and such, who could, ya know… provide evidence. We did not have evidence presented at the 9/11 Commission. We got platitudes. We got a lot of rhetoric. And we got lies. Uh.. with a smattering of the obvious truths. «Yeah, there were four planes that day. Ok.» Much more than that, we don’t know. We don’t even know who was on those planes for sure. I never saw one terrorist get on a plane. I have trouble with that. Nobody showed me the bank accounts for Mohammad Atta, or any of these other people who got, supposedly got on those planes, and destroyed those buildings.

I did get a phone call from my husband after the first plane had hit, and… he said… he had thought that there were bombs going off in the building, and he knew he was going to die. They had already tried to find their way out. The center cores of the building had been destroyed, and the roof top doors were locked, and the room had been filling up with thick black smoke, and they were finding it difficult to breathe. He asked me to find help. And, uh… Obviously there was no help for those above, I think it was the, uh…78th floor of that building. And, um… even.. even with that, I look back on the day, and I say to myself, «Where was the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS)?» Ya know, all of these people were calling 9-1-1. And, especially for people in building two who still had a chance to get out between building one and two getting hit. Where was that? That is a system that’s supposed to be in place to let you know what to do in the event of an emergency. If 9/11 wasn’t an emergency, what DOES qualify as one? Those people in building two were told to go back to their desks. That it was safer for them in the building. And that was a lie. The first responders, most of them will tell you, the people who got out, got out because their instincts told them to get out. And that’s how most people saved themselves on that day. Even with um… regard to the roof top doors, in 1993, the roof top doors were not locked. How else do you expect people in a building that’s 110 stories high to get out in the event of an emergency? Even if, say one full floor is engulfed in flames, how do you expect them to get out? The fire trucks can’t reach ladders and water up that high. They got out in 1993 via the Police Department. The roof top doors were not supposed to be locked, according to those building’s permits. But, then, the building was owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which is, pretty much a group that can write its’ own laws.

And so… in… the Police rescued 43 people in 1993. And apparently there was some kind of disagreement between the Fre Department and the Police Department, and… the roof top doors were locked. Now, the Fire Department had wanted to be the service of rescue. But they don’t have helicopters. Only the Police Department does. So… ya know it turned out to be politics over lives. And I… I believe 9/11 was basically about politics. And agendas. Not my agenda. Not your agenda. So we became part of somebody else’s agenda. And that’s what we have not… what has not been investigated. What that agenda was. Why it happened, and how it happened.

I don’t have ideas exactly on how it happened, but I know it didn’t go as according to what the Commission put down on paper. And one of the reasons why we still continued to fight with… for the Commission, even as we knew it was a farce, is we wanted their words, their lies down on paper. We wanted to make them go through at least this exercise. And even if it came down to the annals of history, that the truth will come out, that was part of our purpose. Our purposes were layered. We’ll be a pain in the butt. That’s fine. We’ll get their lies down on paper. We’ll have more Americans wake up to the fact that their Government is not looking out for their best interests. In fact, they may be counter to our best interests. But, none of this would have come to this point, if in fact, the Commission didn’t exist at all. And for that, I’m grateful that we had the where with-all yo get that done with other family members, and the support of the public, and others… like Jon Gold, and the people who helped us with the video, «Press For Truth». Without those people spreading the word, I believe more people in the future, might not run out of a burning building. that they might actually might listen to a recording that says «you’re safe in the building, remain seated, or you could be fired.» I think we have to start thinking for ourselves, and question everything. Ok, now that I’ve hogged the microphone… smiles… (applause)…

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